Athens Guide

DownTown Suburbs

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Athens is not Rome or Paris but definitely has its charm! In several parts of the city you’ll find the atmosphere to be really unique due to its long history and what’s left from it — the wonderful ancient ruins. As the 5th most populated capital in Europe, it can get a bit chaotic, but that’s what makes it so vibrant and filled with plenty of possibilities to have fun!


When traveling, I enjoy experiencing the local lifestyle and culture. With that in mind I decided to create this independent— I’m not getting any sort of compensation — city guide for Athens, my hometown. Below I list my picks for the best places to eat and drink in Athens — all spots that I visit regularly — my recommendations for fun things to do in the city (which I call Be Merry) as well as my favorite excursions from Athens. I include only places I consider to be the best in their category and I group them into those that are within walking distance from downtown Athens (Syntagma) and those that require some sort of transportation.