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I usually go out in downtown Athens but sometimes there is a good reason to leave the center and venture into the suburbs: a big concert, a music festival or simply a really cool bar that is worth the commute. Below I list my top selection of bars and music venues that are located in the Athens suburbs. I’m not getting any sort of compensation from the places that I recommend; they are just places that I like and visit frequently.

Charlotte Akti Koumoundourou Piraeus

Charlotte is an all day bistro-wine bar located on Piraeus coast, in the area of Akti Koumoundourou. It is an ideal place if you want to have a coffee or some wine next to the sea.

Gagarin 205

Gagarin 205 is a music venue, a bit off downtown, where numerous events take place from stand-up comedy to several types of live music events.

Fuzz Club

Fuzz club is a popular music venue, located a bit off downtown Athens, which organizes several concerts every year.

Red Sea Reggae House

Red Sea is an underground reggae bar with a liberating atmosphere. It is an ideal choice if you want to dance to some reggae tunes!

MG Bar

MG Bar is a very small, after-hours bar located in Mavili Square. It gets crowded after 2 a.m., it stays open until dawn and it usually plays indie-rock tunes.


Briki is an all-day café-bar located on Mavili square, an area that is located a bit off the city center. It’s been popular for many years because of its friendly clientele and positive vibes.

Athens Guide