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While travelling, I always struggle to find authentic, less touristy bars that also play some interesting music (electro, techno or experimental, indie-rock, jazz, or uplifting disco and ska). I prefer bars where a DJ selects the music and, although I do have my share of guilty pleasure songs, in general I’m not extremely fond of pop music. Below I share what I consider to be the best bars in downtown Athens — up to a 30-min walk from Syntagma Square. I’m not getting any sort of compensation from the places that I recommend, they are just bars that I like and frequently visit. I group them according to the type of bar or going out experience: wine bars, bars with live music, rooftop bars, after-hours bars and more.


Handlebar is a tiny bar in Psyrri where people (mostly young hipsters) hang out on the street. The atmosphere is relaxed and the drink prices are reasonable.

Ginger Ale Bar

Ginger Ale is a café-bar on Exarcheia square with adorable, retro decor and nice drinks.

FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts

Faust is a great place to listen to some good live music, usually performed by lesser-known Greek bands at a convenient location downtown.

Afrikana Jazz Bar

Afrikana is a jazz bar in the Gazi area, with a stage that throws live concerts almost every day.

The 7 Jokers Bar

The 7 Jokers is a small bar close to Syntagma Square that also operates as a café during the day. It’s very popular for drinks after work and an excellent choice for after hours.

Empros Theater

Embros is a former theater located in Psyrri, that organizes different alternative events: live music shows, parties, theater plays and performances.

Bios on the Terrace

Bios is a space that organizes different events, shows, and activities such as concerts, small/alternative theater plays and DJ sets. On the top of there is a terrace bar that has a magnificent view of the Acropolis.


Heteroclito is a very cute bistrot – wine bar located on a street parallel to Ermou Street, the biggest pedestrian shopping street in Athens.

Galaxy Bar & Restaurant – Hilton Athens

The Galaxy Bar & Restaurant is the rooftop bar of Hilton Athens hotel. It is an upscale bar with a superb view of the Acropolis and the city of Athens.


Romantso is a cultural hub; a bar/café/exhibition center and creative space located just a bit off Omonia Square. They organize events, concerts, art exhibitions and DJ sets.

Blue Fox

Blue Fox is a club/bar located in Exarcheia, where you can dance to swing and rock & roll tunes.



Blue Bird

Blue Bird is a cosy bar located on a hidden pedestrian street/square called Ipitou, along with three more bars. Its resident DJs play some interesting tunes and when the weather is nice people hang out outside on the square.

Cantina Social

Cantina Social is a bar located in the Psyrri/Monastiraki area where different guest DJs play there each week. Is a bar where you can dance and it gets crowded after 2 am.

Kiki de Grèce

Kiki de Grèce is a wine and tapas bar on a square, close to Syntagma. It has a great selection of Greek wines and good bargains if you decide to go by the bottle.

Fouar Cafe

Fouar is an all-day café-bar-restaurant located in the Monastiraki neighborhood. It has two spaces: a large one where someone can have Thai dishes, coffee, good wine or drinks and a second one which is smaller and where every weekend there’s a different guest DJ.

Bel Ray

All day snack – bar in Koukaki neighborhood.


Oinoscent is, if not the first, one of the first wine bars that opened in Athens and is located a breath away from Syntagma.

Blae Papagalos (Blue Parrot)

Cafe – bar in the area of Kerameikos – Metaxourgeio, next to Avdi square, which brings memories from another epoch.


One of my favorite Bistros in Athens – if not my favorite.

Tsin tsin

One of the best places to have a drink after 23.00 or later. Possible to dance.

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