Athens Guide

Besides being a food lover I’m also a city lover, so if I decide to leave the center of Athens, it must be for a good reason! The reason can be a wonderful location – i.e. a restaurant that’s next to the sea, or maybe a restaurant that specializes in a type of food (i.e. fish and seafood) or simply a restaurant that serves amazing food. Below I list my selection for the top restaurants in the Athenian suburbs, ones worth the commute. I’m not getting any sort of compensation from the restaurants I recommend below. I group them by food experience (lunch, dinner, meze-tapas) and, wherever possible, at the end of each post I also suggest interesting things to see & do nearby.

To Akri

Traditional seafood tavern, located along the coastline of Akti Themistokleous in Piraeus.

Museum Restaurant – Goulandris National History Museum

The café-restaurant of the Goulandris Natural History Museum, located in Kifissia a posh northern suburb of Athens.

The Burger Joint

It is a small chain of burger restaurants with two stores, one located in Neo Psychiko and the other in Glyfada. It offers tasty burgers in large portions as well as nice pastries and sides.

The Rocks of Peiraiki

The Rocks of Peiraiki (Ta Vrachia tis Peiraikis) is a seafood/fish taverna in Piraeus. The atmosphere is simple and traditional, and it’s a local favorite.

Athens Guide