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I am a foodie and I constantly search for the best restaurants in Athens: value for money & tasty food, atmosphere & uniqueness of the place as well as the type of crowd that frequents it. Below I list my top choices for eating out when I’m in downtown Athens — up to 30 minutes walking distance from Syntagma Square. I am not getting any sort of compensation from the spots I recommend below; they are just places I visit frequently because I consider them to be the best in their category. I group them according to the type of food experience (i.e. lunch or dinner) and wherever possible I also write at the end of each post if it can be combined with something else close by, i.e. a fun activity or a bar.

Ariston Pies

Ariston is a bakery close to Syntagma Square where you can find more than ten different types of pies.

Dexameni Cafe

Dexameni is an outdoor cafe that shares its name with the square on which it is located, Dexameni square in Kolonaki.


One of the best “mageiria” (cooked food) in town. Authentic, great quality and good prices.

Seychelles Restaurant

Seychelles is a restaurant in Metaxourgeio that serves quality Greek food made with traditional ingredients from different parts of the country.

Mama Roux

Sort of hipster restaurant with multi-ethnic cuisine, very close to Monastiraki neighborhood.

Souvlaki o Kostas

The tastiest souvlaki in Athens. Made with love and following a family tradition.

Ama Lachei

Ama Lachei is a tavern – restaurant located in Exarcheia. It has an adorable yard and some interesting dishes, including grilled meat.


Adorable cafe bistro in Plaka where you can have a coffee, eat a mouthwatering pastry, or some meze (a small portion of food) along with wine or tsipouro/raki (traditional Greek spirits). It offers tasty food, reasonably priced considering location.



Many people claim it has the best sandwiches in Athens.

Dioskouroi Café – Taverna

Cafe located in Monastiraki – Plaka area. You will not eat amazing food, but it has been a preferred place among Athenians for having a “Variety” (mixed plate) along with a bottle of ouzo.


Place to eat Lahmatzoun in Athens. Extremely tasty and healthy!


One of the classic places if you want to eat Cretan food and drink some raki – or anything else for that matter.


An old ‘mageirion’, which offers a couple of traditional Greek dishes every day, frequented by both locals and tourists.


Ivi (Καφενείο Ήβης)

Cozy place to have a meze with your better half or with your friends.

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