Chania Guide

If you want to experience Chania’s nightlife, there are three main options: bars located in the Old Port and Old Town, bars located on Chania’s west coast (in Platanias village) which attract primarily tourists (we call them Scandinavian bars) or the big summer night clubs which are also on the city’s west coast (i.e. in the Platanias or Agia Marina seaside villages), and are popular with both locals and tourists.

Below are my top choices for having a drink in the Old Port and Old Town, which attract primarily locals and are places I frequently visit. Some I visit for their beautiful decor (many of the buildings were once 16th century Venetian houses), others for their magnificent view of the Old Port and others for their music and local vibe.


Synagogi as you might have guessed from the name, it’s an old synagogue, transformed into a bar. Is one of the oldest and most picturesque bars in Chania

Kibar – Charles Monastery Bar

Charles Monastery, is a spacious café-bar that is located in the yard of a former 16th century Catholic monastery.

Miniatoura Chania

Miniatoura, is a very small and cosy bar, located on the popular and rather busy Chatzimichali Daliani street, in the old city of Chania.

Pallas Old Harbour

Pallas is a posh café-bar-restaurant, which is very popular amongst Chania locals. It is located on the eastern part of Chania’s Old Port and offers a great view of the sea and the old lighthouse.


Vazaki is a tiny bar in downtown Chania which, during summer, organises several music events with guest DJs. As it’s tiny, people who visit it usually hang out on the big staircase that’s right outside the bar.

Fagotto Jazz Bar

Fagotto is a very cosy jazz bar located in one of the most picturesque alleys of the Old Port of Chania, on its far west side.

K2 Café-Bar

K2 Café-Bar Bar is a bar which is situated in a renovated 16th century Venetian dockyard. It can be visited during the day for a coffee and in the evenings usually there is guest DJ selecting the tunes.

2 Lux

2Lux is a café-bar in Chania with a really long history. It has been around for more than 25 years and during some periods it was the only cool place to hang out in Chania. It has almost always had interesting people playing good music!


Chania Guide