Piraeus Coastline: Pasalimani

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Piraeus Coastline: Pasalimani

Akti Themistokleous is a X part of the coastline of Piraeus.

Reason to go

It makes me feel that am not in the city anymore. It gives me the illusion that I am in the countryside. When the weather is nice, I really like it to walk next to the sea and if I get the chance enjoy some seafood. This particular part of the coastline of Piraeus it attracts locals and Athenians – primarily middle class – who visit, most of them on Sundays, in order to smell the sea and enjoy some tasty and fairly priced seafood.


In two of the pictures above you may see the Maltese Falcon, the biggest sailing boat, owned by Greek businesswoman Elena Ambrosiadou and bought for 100 million USD.