Chania Guide

I love traditional Cretan food! Chania in particular, and Crete in general, are famous for their excellent cuisine, unique recipes which rely on quality and healthy ingredients and value-for-money restaurants. It’s nearly impossible to get really disappointed with a meal in Chania, as the quality is so high that even the worst places usually offer decent food. This is partly due to the fact that the locals are a very demanding clientele.

Below you’ll find my favorite restaurants in downtown Chania, the majority of which are located in the Old Town and on the Old Port. I am not getting any compensation for listing them, they are just places I like and visit regularly. I group the recommendations according to food experience (i.e. lunch or dinner) and wherever possible I also write if a particular restaurant can be combined with something close by, i.e. an interesting thing to see or a cool bar to visit. If you have a car, make sure to check out my top restaurants in the greater Chania region under the tab, Chania Suburbs.

To Koutourouki Tavern

To Koutourouki is an adorable taverna-ouzeri that’s open only during the summer. 

Tamam Restaurant

Tamam is one of the most famous places to eat in Chania Old Town as it has been a top choice for both locals and tourists for more than three decades.

Stavros & Stamatis Tavern

Stavros & Stamatis is a small “mageireio” (traditional cooked foods restaurant) located inside the Municipal Market of Chania.

Pyrofani Fish

Pyrofani is a fish taverna located on a beach on Souda Bay, overlooking the port of Souda.

Nicolas Tavern

Nicolas is a fish taverna located off downtown Chania, in Nea Chora. It has a loyal clientele, Chania locals, who keep coming back because of the quality food and service.

Monastiri Restaurant

Monastiri is one of the oldest restaurants in Chania, located in the middle of Chania’s old port. It offers great food and an amazing view of the sea and the old lighthouse.

Funky’s Pizza

Funky’s is a small pizza place on the eastern part of the Old Harbour (next to 2Lux Bar), and it’s ideal if you have been out late and want to grab something to eat before going to bed.

Iordanis Cheese pie – Bougatsa

Bougatsa Iordanis has been in operation since 1924 and as its name also suggests, the place offers a special pastry called “bougatsa”. For many years this special bougatsa has been very popular amongst locals, especially for breakfast.

Chania Guide